2012 AGM

Posted on: September 21st, 2012

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend our AGM this year which was held on the 3rd August as usual the event was well attended.

It was very special this year as we were able to hold the event in our new resource centre at the Meeting Place in Wigton.

Our Chair of Trustees, Gilda Wells, opened the AGM by thanking everyone for coming and gave a brief overview of the year and the agenda for the day.  This was followed by presentations from our members which included The Buterfly Group (well done Alexis!) and also a Gardening Quiz by the Allotment and Gardening Group, where the winning team were presented with a Garden Gnome!

Treasurer, Norman Greggains, gave the financial summary for the year, and as usual votes were taken for the elected board of trustees.

Claire Doherty, Director of Chrysalis, presented the Annual Review and discussed the achievements of the past year such as the wet room, opening the meeting place, the tendering process, not to mention the many achievements made by our staff and members throughout the year.

Deputy Mayor, Debbie Stafford, had kindly agreed to come along to the AGM and took great pleasure in handing out certificates to the members for their achievements.

Once the formalities were over the day closed in the tradional Chrysalis AGM way with a disco and karaoke to celebrate the achievements of the past year!

For anyone unable to attend who would like a copy of the minutes of the meeting and annual report, they are  available by contacting the admin department based at our head office.