A Royal Appointment!

Posted on: April 13th, 2012
Royal Appointment for Chrysalis

Staff and members of Chrysalis were invited to meet HRH Prince of Wales during his recent visit to Wigton on 3rd April 2012.

Chrysalis was one of the few, local community groups invited to personally meet Prince Charles at Saint Mary’s Church.

Claire Doherty was accompanied by Dawn Golding, Joan Caulfield, Joan Hetherington, Andrew Studholme and Georgina Cartwright who were the lucky few whose names were pulled out of a hat.

The remainder of the members and staff gathered with the crowds eagerly awaiting the royal arrival and the rain and snow didn’t appear to dampen anyone’s spirits!

Claire Doherty, Director of Chrysalis said, “Prior to his arrival we were all given a briefing about protocol and then waited for HRH to arrive. He first had a tour of the church and the windows before meeting each of the community groups.  He took time to speak to each person and there was a lot of laughter around the room as he joked with people”.

“When he came to our group he greeted everyone and shook everyone’s hand.  He asked what we did and where people came from, and we were surprised he had the time to talk to everyone. He said he was worried about the children outside in the snow, but we said we were made of stern stuff around here!”

“He signed the book in the church and when he had left we were all shown his signature”.