Dignity Day

Posted on: February 3rd, 2016

The Dignity in Care Organisation was established in 2006 for those who are supported by UK care services to ensure each individual is given the right to respect and their dignity.

As a care organisation ourselves we decided it would be a great opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of the day with a number of different activities which included our Chrysalis Digni-Tree and an Afternoon Tea.

The morning was spent baking some delicious gluten-free scones and cheesecakes to prepare for the afternoon tea. There was also a group discussion on what we think dignity means and how we can improve it.

Clients and staff all got involved to create the ‘Digni-Tree’; after making leaves for the tree everyone wrote on a Dignity Leaf their thoughts about what dignity means to them; then placed them on the tree.

After lunch we had our Afternoon Tea, and enjoyed eating our home baked cakes and a cuppa!

In support of the Dignity in Care organisation, wristbands were purchased and certificates issued to help support this excellent cause and to raise awareness within the community.

Overall, we had a splendid day and it was a great opportunity to explore each individual’s opinion on dignity and respect.Dignity Tree