our social enterprises

Image shows a customer being served a jar of coffee

So what is a social Enterprise? Well, it is defined as a socially-oriented venture (non profit/for-profit or hybrid) created to solve a social problem or market failure through entrepreneurial private sector approaches that increase effectiveness and sustainability while ultimately creating social benefit or change.

At Chrysalis we are committed to providing opportunities which enrich lives.

Therefore since 1997 Chrysalis has operated social enterprises locally not only for the benefit of the individuals that we support but also the wider community. From a market stall, Crumbs Café which was located in the market hall and now through the Chrysalis Wholefoods Shop located in Wigton town Centre.

This provides many benefits to the individual’s which we support such as:-

  • Social and community integration
  • Valuable work experience and accredited qualifications
  • Boosts self confidence and self esteem
  • Cultivates team working skills

Chrysalis is committed to the development of social enterprise and is continuing to develop new initiatives.