How to Manage a Happy and Healthy Home

Welcome to our new resource

Following extensive research and working with individuals it became apparent there was an opportunity to develop a resource to help staff work with individuals to develop independent living skills.  We set about developing a learning and development resource covering all aspects of good housekeeping, covering:

  • How to support good health
  • How to manage money
  • Effective shopping
  • Healthier eating
  • How to do the laundry
  • How to do the cleaning
  • Home safety and security

The approach to the resource is focused on promoting independence; it includes videos for all the sections mentioned above with forms for monitoring progress of both staff and individuals, being supported.

The whole resource was designed, developed and produced with and by our staff team and the people we support.

This resource can be downloaded in black and white below or you can order a full colour version printed on durable, wipeable paper which will be a valuable addition to your training resource library!

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Printable Training Pack

Section 1 – Promoting Independence

Section 2 – How to Support Good Health

Section 3 – How to Manage Money

Section 4 – Effective Shopping

Section 5 – Healthier Eating

Section 6 – How to do the Laundry

Section 7 – How to do the Cleaning

Section 8 – Home Safety and Security

Front Cover 

Back Cover


1 – Initial Staff Assessment

2 – Enabling Plan

2a – Example Enabling Plan

2b – Example Enabling Plan

3 – End Staff Assessment

4 – Assessment Analysis

5 – Staff Observation Form

6 – Summary of levels of evaluation

7 – References and Acknowledgments





Home safety and Security


Good Health

Healthier eating